June 3, 2023

Ice Spice & Saweetie Link Up In Icy Girl’s Coachella Photo Dump


Ice Spice just recently locked down one of the most coveted accolades in the rap industry – a Nicki Minaj feature. It’s hard for the 23-year-old to set her sights much higher than that, but fans are speculating that we may hear her and California native Saweetie on a track together in the near future after seeing them link up at Coachella. East and west coast came together during weekend one it seems, as the “My Type” hitmaker posted a throwback photo dump on Sunday (April 23) reflecting on some of her favourite memories from the desert while the final round of performances unfold today.

Saweetie kicked off today’s Instagram post with a stunning shot of her relaxing in the pool, wearing a white bikini while soaking her legs in the clear blue water. Following that, the 29-year-old let her goofy side shine, including a video of her falling on her behind after attempting to slide on white marble floors in her kitchen. After a brief laughing intermission, fans were pleased to see a mirror selfie of the Icy Girl with the Bronx baddie, who performed at Revolve Festival during last weekend’s Coachella events.

Saweetie Gives Fans a Coachella Recap

The fashionista later included an image of her dancing the night away in her dump, as well as videos and photos of more of her entertaining antics. We see her walking around Coachella in an adorable pink blanket and sunglasses late in the evening. Afterward, the post closes out with a telling snapshot of her blonde wig haphazardly thrown on the living room floor.

She may not have been on the line-up for the 2023 festival, but that doesn’t mean Saweetie didn’t take the stage. “Lottery” hitmaker Latto tapped her friend to show out during her weekend one set, much to the audience’s pleasure. “IMMA REAL A$$ TRILL A$$ B!XCH FROM THE WESTTT!” the Grammy-nominated artist captioned a video of her giving the performance of a lifetime. Keep scrolling to see more of Saweetie’s Coachella content, and tap back in later for more hip-hop news updates.

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