June 3, 2023

Kehlani Removes “N***as” From Streaming After Backlash, Twitter Reacts


Fans of Kehlani are not happy with the removal of the track “N***as” from digital streaming platforms. Moreover, the track’s disappearance seems to stem from some backlash they faced over using that word, as many believe that their race is ambiguous and it was therefore in poor taste to release such a song. However, some users expressed that this was another instance of people’s outrage going too far. While it hasn’t blown up too much as of yet (and they apparently haven’t responded or stated anything about it yet) this will surely reignite some of that conversation online.

“Twitter y’all done bullied kehlani into taking one of her best songs off streaming platforms… #JusticeforN***asbyKehlani IDGAF!” one impassioned fan wrote on the social media platform. Another came through with a more serious and broad response in defense of the singer. “Kehlani Removing Her Song N***as From Streaming PlatForms Was Definitely Caused By The Social Media Drama That The Haters Created Earlier This Month,” they wrote. “Now, All Of Those OutRaged Critics Can Settle Down & Stop Their Fake OutRage. At The End Of The Day, Kehlani Is A Black Lady.”

Kehlani Took A Fan Favorite Off Streaming

Given that the “Nights Like This” artist is usually quite thoughtful in their statements, their words on the matter will likely hold a lot of weight. What’s more is that fans eagerly anticipate their next move, especially given recent posts and developments. For example, they recently returned to TikTok alongside new girlfriend Kiara Russell, dancing along to Polo Frost’s viral hit “Hey Hey.” In addition, through some sultry new snaps, they teased their next album. With some more social media activity, Kehlani fans should have a lot to look forward to.

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old recently reflected on their love life and not really having a type. “People would say that I have a type, but they haven’t seen everybody that I’ve ever talked to or dated,” they remarked. “So I’m actively always fighting that in my head. Like, do I just get on the internet and show them every single person I’ve ever spoken to?” Regardless of that, check out a couple of more reactions to “N***as” not being on streaming anymore below. Also, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Kehlani.

Twitter Reacts To Song’s Removal

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