March 5, 2024

Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama Sade Showers Him In Love On IG


Sade, an influencer who was rumored to be Ne-Yo’s baby mama, is confirming that rumor with a lot of pride. Moreover, she recently uploaded various videos of the R&B icon to her social media, sharing some Instagram clips of him performing at what seems to be a club. “Mmmmmm sexy a** baby daddy,” she captioned a video of Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Chimere Smith, during his concert. “F**k what you talking about,” she added with some sweaty emojis. Also, she posted a clip of Smith dancing during a party, and they seem to be having a ball.

Unfortunately, this relationship came to light in a pretty sour way. Ne-Yo’s wife Crystal Renay filed for divorce back in August of 2022, alleging that he had a child with another woman out of wedlock. In fact, he had another child with Sade just last month (if the first one is true), so it seems that he’s moving on quite rapidly from his previous relationship. While the drama isn’t seeming to faze him, it’s bolstered by Sade offering her own thoughts on the pregnancy. Overall, her message was quite sweet considering the circumstances.

Ne-Yo’s Baby Mama Shows Him Some IG Love

“Angel of mine,” Ne-Yo’s new flame’s message began on Instagram. “Coming to terms with the delicate circumstances, when I felt like I just couldn’t take on another load, especially at the expense of another persons happiness.. sometimes even my own.. wasn’t the easiest decision. However, I have to choose me. Therefore, I have to choose you. The JOY Braiden gives me every day strengthened me & let me know I can do this gracefully.. with love, compassion, and penitence . Patiently awaiting you. Ready for this journey. Ready 4 the lessons & the blessings. I can’t wait to meet you my buttercup!! xoxo MOMMY.”

Meanwhile, all these developments probably informed Ne-Yo when he gave Taylor Swift some relationship advice. For those who didn’t catch it, a TMZ reporter caught up with the Arkansas native and asked if he had any tips for the recently broken-up superstar. “Some of my best songs are about heartache and breakups and stuff like that,” he explained. “That’s the beauty of being a songwriter. You don’t have to suffer through it as much because you can take that energy and turn it into something positive.” Regardless of your take on all this, stay posted on HNHH for the latest on Ne-Yo.

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