June 3, 2023

Ryan Garcia Hopes For Future Rematch With Gervonta Davis


Gervonta Davis versus Ryan Garcia was billed as the fight of 2023. It was something of a unicorn – two undefeated fighters in their prime who fight exclusively on competing PPV networks. Davis, the WBA regular lightweight champion, was 28-0 before the fight and fights exclusively on DAZN. Garcia, a former interim champion in the same class, was 23-0 and fights exclusively on Showtime. But, to the delight of many, the two would face off in a non-title match in Vegas.

Titled It Doesn’t Get Better Than This, the fight pitted two brutal fighters against one another. The bout would end in a knockout, that was for certain, Davis is a knockout specialist, having finished 26 of 28 fights in that manner. Meanwhile, Garcia has become famous for his devastating left hook. The fight was massively hyped, with wild wagers, jaw-breaking promises, and a Jay-Z-narrated fight video.

Garcia Concedes Defeat But Promises Comeback

However, the fight was much more reserved than some fans may have expected. There were hard hits, yes, but both fighters fought strategically, waiting for the perfect time to strike. That moment came in the seventh round, as Davis found a chink in the armor and delivered a brutal liver shot. Garcia sunk to one knee and while Davis thought he was playing “mind games”, Garcia was eventually counted out. It was the second knockdown that Davis had delivered during the fight but it was the one Garcia couldn’t come back from.

Taking to Instagram after the fight, Garcia graciously accepted defeat. “Obviously I’m disappointed. I tried my best but he caught me with a good body shot.” Garcia began. However, he vowed that he was far from done. “I’ll come back stronger and yeah man, one day…wrack up a couple wins and maybe we could do a rematch at maybe 140, 147.” However, in separate interviews, Garcia said his immediate goal was to add weight and return to his traditional class of junior welterweight. “I plan to fight the best fighters at 140 [pounds],” Garcia told reporters. The fight contract does contain a rematch clause, but only a loss by Davis would have triggered an immediate rematch plan. However, Davis is currently due to be sentenced for his involvement in a 2020 hit-and-run that injured four people.


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