June 23, 2024

Drake Memes: The Best “Drake The Type” By Far


Drake fans have long celebrated the award-winning artist as he has spent the last decade or so dropping hit after hit. He has also proven himself to be a double threat making a splash on screen with roles in the Degrassi Jr. High revival: Degrassi: The Next Generation. But anyone who has spent time online since around 2014 knows Drake’s fame has expanded beyond his musical and acting roles…he has also become the star of some of the best memes floating on the internet to date.

The Drake memes have become an internet favorite, a meme mainstay. What inspired these internet sensations or where the Drake memes originated is unclear. However, these hilarious memes began popping up nearly a decade ago. Since then, they have become a significant part of the meme culture.

Drake The Type of Fella…

One of our favorite meme trends featuring Drizzy is the famous “Drake the type of fella” trend. This is one of the most popular Drake memes to date. Of course you know these memes, which feature a variety of instances in which “Drake is the type of guy” that goes super sensitive in various hilarious instances. This trend is even making a comeback on Twitter.

Fans are having a blast with this resurgence of the meme theme. It seems as if there is no shortage of quips depicting the singer as the “type of fella who…” In fact, meme creators are coming up with some even funnier “Drake the type of fella” jokes years after the trend first hit the internet.

Angel and Devil

The singer’s thoughtful black-and-white pic is the perfect image for this popular series of Drake memes. The idea reflects that Drake is the “type of guy to talk to an angel and devil on his shoulder when contemplating something.” Of course, during his career, Drake has provided fans and meme lovers with plenty of images for these memes. The black and white pic is undoubtedly a favorite, but other poses also get plenty of use in the meme game.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Another “softer” image of the singer in which he is sporting a buzzcut with a heart shaved out of the front hilariously reveals that Drake “the type of dude to say “no more mister nice guy” when he’s angry.” Of course, since these popular memes have been a big part of pop culture for nearly a decade, they have changed over time. This is especially true as the artist has continued growing in popularity. One of the most popular Drake memes shares side-by-side images of the artist depicting how much the singer has changed over the years.

Certified Lover Boy Gives Us Another Moment

In 2021, the famous artist sparked yet another generation of viral memes after posting a mirror selfie on his Instagram story as his album Certified Lover Boy was set to drop. Naturally, fans found this Drake post hilarious and went to work developing new memes that played right into it. The Insta photo features the singer posing in front of a mirror posing with his hand over his mouth. In the post, Drake is donning an oversized jumper. Some fans even compared the pic with singer Ariana Grande.

The One That Started It All

Then there is the meme that started it all in 2014 or 2015. You know, the one…the meme derived from a still taken from Drake’s wildly popular “Hotline Bling” video. In the video, he shows off several dance moves, an impressive skill we’ve grown to love about the famous performer. The video features Drake making a gesture – for just a split-second – where he is holding up his hand with a disgusted look to show disapproval, followed by a moment where the hip-hop hitmaker is smiling, nodding in approval.

It is the combination of these two images that made meme history. There are dozens of other funny Drake meme moments, and we’re sure many more will come. Drake and his impact on the industry have created a fantastic legacy. These mems only add comedy to his lasting influence.

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