June 16, 2024

GloRilla Asks For Blue Check Back, Gets Roasted


GloRilla seems to be one of the only people who didn’t know about Elon Musk’s blue check purge that started last week. The internet has been exploding with stories about it. Celebrities have been complaining left and right. Threats have been leveraged at the Twitter CEO. Dead celebrities have been getting blue checks back. The whole thing has been a pretty big mess. Somehow, GloRilla had no idea any of this was happening. To be fair, she was likely pretty busy with her Coachella performance and her lawsuit. Still, fans are roasting her for it. The rapper took to the social media platform to complain about her sudden lack of blue check.

“Elon be acting slow ash sometimes…. cause were my blue check go???????” GloRilla asked in a now-deleted tweet. Fans of course immediately took the tweet and ran with it, responding by roasting the rapper. “No, you the slow one! Everyone been knew it was happening and it did,” one user said. “Pay that 8 bucks a month.” GloRilla did not respond to the tweet, but the fact that the rapper deleted the original tweet says it all. How she didn’t know about the entire thing is a mystery. Many celebrities have been complaining about it for a while now. The rapper’s account now displays a blue check, suggesting that she paid for it.

GloRilla’s Twitter Drama

Although GloRilla is relatively new to the music scene, she does not take criticism lightly. In a recent tweet, the rapper warned her haters not to let her know if they don’t like her. If they do, she said she will do everything in her power to bother them. “I never gave a single f*ck about a h*/n*gga not liking me,” she said in the tweet. “Im finna work yo nerves & do everything in my power to make you hate me ho.”

Earlier this year, GloRilla was in the news after a stampede occurred at her concert, which resulted in three deaths. During a joint concert with Finesse2Tymes, a gunshot was reportedly heard, causing the audience to rush towards the exit and resulting in the tragic incident. Initially, one person was confirmed dead, and two others were in critical condition, but unfortunately, both victims have now passed away. GloRilla expressed her condolences on Twitter, but one of the victim’s families is planning to sue her. What do you think of Gorilla’s lack of awareness? Let us know in the comments.


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