June 3, 2023

Jim Jones Keeps It Real About His Relationship With Ma$e


Jim Jones has never been one to hold his tongue about anything. From wild takes to his weather reports, Jim Jones speaks his mind. The Dipset rapper didn’t hold back in a recent interview with the Breakfast Club. In the interview Jones was asked if he and Ma$e were good, he kept it brief. He noted of the trio of him, Ma$e, and Cam’ron were thick as thieves growing up dating all the way to high school. Jones even revealed that he let Ma$e and Cam stay at his house when they got kicked out of college.

Initially, Jim Jones gave the It Is What It Is hosts their flowers on their contributions to Hip Hop. However, he quickly segued to a reluctant response when asked about his relationship with Ma$e. “I don’t care about Ma$e” he told the Breakfast Club. “I don’t care for Ma$e too much,” he continued, “tell Ma$e to go say some prayers.” It’s crystal clear that Jones still had some residual feelings regarding the man that “taught him how to rap.” Not only that, Jones did give kind regards to his Dipset partner’s new sports talk show, along with their skills on the court back in the day.

Jim Jones Kept It 1000

Admittedly, he agreed the show was entertaining, and that the two hosts are a pair of comedians. Jim Jones let it be known that Cam’s show It Is What It Is is dope and he hopes the duo gets a bag from it. This is far from the first time Jones has kept it real. He also doubled down on his comments about Pusha T not being a top 50 rapper. The rapper questioned Push’s relevance and catalog asking the Breakfast Club host what songs they knew word for word from the Clips Rapper.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jones went around asking Charlamagne and DJ Envy along with other staff if they could rap along to five Pusha T songs. Although the Harlem native gave Pusha his props that he is a great lyricist, he said he hasn’t made a big enough impact culturally to be considered an all-time rap great. Is Jim Jones wildin’? What do you think of Pusha T? Let HNHH know in the comments below!

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