June 23, 2024

Shannon Sharpe Responds To Dillon Brooks’ Latest Comments


Shannon Sharpe has never been one to keep his opinions close to the chest. Shapre’s firey personality has always been of a media personality that wears his heart on his sleeve. One topic that is always going to incite a strong opinion from Sharpe would be LeBron James. Sharpe has long been a supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers star. Including being involved in a dust-up earlier this season with the team, the Lakers are currently playing in the playoffs. The Memphis Grizzlies have been out to prove their successful 2022-23 season isn’t just a one-hit-wonder.

The Grizzlies have a roster full of young talent. However, sometimes that young talent may tend to go overboard. After the team’s Game 2 victory over the Lakers, forward Dillon Brooks had some things to say about James and the Lakers. Brooks didn’t hold back his feelings on the opponent, calling James old. Also, Brooks said he wouldn’t respect James until he dropped 40. James didn’t drop 40, but the Lakers cruised to an easy Game 3 victory over the Grizzlies. Which included seeing Brooks get ejected for hitting James in a private area. After the game, Brooks told the media that he was being portrayed incorrectly by his recent actions. This is where Sharpe has drawn the line.

Shannon Sharpe Believes Brooks Can’t Handle The Heat

On Monday’s edition of Undisputed, Sharpe discussed Brooks’ latest comments. “Dillon Brooks talking about he doesn’t want the villain role, but you EMBRACE it when you win!” The NFL Hall-of-Famer doesn’t believe Brooks can handle what he dishes out when the Grizzlies are on the losing end. The lead-up to Game 3 had everyone in the league buzzing. The day before the matchup, James kept his comments short and sweet with the media. James explained that the time for talk was over and that the game would be a good one. But it may not be a good one for Grizzlies fans.

The Lakers answered the bell with their performance in Game 3. Brooks became a popular meme over the weekend with his visible frustrations on the bench. Including his reactions after being ejected. It seems that the “old” comments have been put to bed. As for Sharpe, he believes that it’s time for Brooks to embrace the villain role. Do you agree with Shannon Sharpe’s comments on Brooks? Let us know in the comment section. For the latest NBA news, keep it right here with HNHH.

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