May 30, 2023

Arrest Warrant Issued For Nate Diaz Incident In New Orleans


Nate Diaz made headlines over the weekend after being filmed choking someone out in the streets of New Orleans. The incident was quickly circulated all over social media. Now it seems that Diaz may face legal action for what transpired on the streets of New Orleans. On Monday, New Orleans police issued a warrant for the arrest of Diaz. The MMA star is being charged with second-degree battery. When video of the incident first hit social media, users were claiming the victim of the choke-out was a Logan Paul lookalike.

Paul’s brother Jake is set to fight Diaz in a boxing contest in August. However, now Diaz’s legal issues could put a wrench in the fight plans. According to, the alleged victim, Rodney Peterson, shared photos of a nasty gash on his head from falling on the street after going unconscious. However, Peterson has vowed revenge on Diaz for the incident. Diaz was in New Orleans to support friends that were involved in a boxing contest. Now the weekend in New Orleans will not be forgotten any time soon.

Diaz’s boxing contest will Paul in August will be his first fight of any capacity since becoming a UFC free agent. The former UFC star had seen a lot of breaks in between fights recently. But that could be because Diaz wants fights that are going to pay him what he believes he is worth. The impending matchup with Paul will certainly be a massive payday for both stars. Diaz isn’t the first MMA star to step over into boxing for the money. Also, Diaz won’t be the first MMA challenger for Paul.

Paul has scored wins over numerous MMA stars. Including two victories over Tyrone Woodley. As well as a viral knockout of Ben Askren. However, the build-up for Diaz and Paul will be of epic proportions. In Louisiana, second-degree battery is punishable by up to eight years in prison. So, this incident will not be something that just goes away for the MMA star. Nate Diaz could be in jeopardy of losing everything with this recent incident. The incident could have been a lot worse. As Peterson could have easily attained life-threatening injuries. For the latest on Diaz’s legal issues, keep it right here with HNHH.


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