June 3, 2023

Ime Udoka Signs With The Rockets, Fans React


Ime Udoka found himself in a bad spot back in the Fall as it was revealed that he allegedly slept with a staffer on the Boston Celtics. Overall, this became a National story given his engagement to Nia Long. Subsequently, Long broke up with Udoka. Moreover, the Celtics decided to suspend the head coach for the entire season. There was a sense that he could potentially come back after the year was up. However, the Celtics eventually made it clear that they would just rather him go somewhere else, entirely.

Throughout the year, there were moments in which it seemed like Udoka might get a job. For instance, he almost ended up with the Brooklyn Nets, although it fell through after further evaluation. Additionally, some people tried to link him to the Atlanta Hawks. In the end, none of those teams ended up working out for him. Now, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, he is headed to a team in a much more desperate situation. Of course, we are talking about the Houston Rockets.

Ime Udoka Is Back In The NBA

Jalen Green and Kevin Porter Jr. are a duo that does not play winning basketball. Consequently, the team found itself at the bottom of the standings again. That said, they could very well end up with Victor Wembanyama. Furthermore, rumors are saying James Harden could end up back with the team next season. If all of this happens, then Ime Udoka could very well have a solid squad to compete with. Whether or not that squad could make the playoffs, still remains to be seen.

As for Twitter, well, they had some very strong reactions to this news. Most people love this hire for the Rockets. However, a lot of people resorted to posting memes as opposed to tried and true commentary. These memes involved strip club appearances with the likes of James Harden. Either way, many are just happy to see Udoka get a second chance. He brought the Celtics to the NBA Finals in his first season with the team which is a very solid resume to start. Let us know your thoughts on this hiring, in the comments section below.

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