December 6, 2023

Nicki Minaj Shares Advice She’d Give Her Younger Self


Nicki Minaj is on a roll right now, which should come as no surprise considering her dominance in the hip-hop game. Moreover, her recent remix of Ice Spice’s “Princess Diana” was a smash hit with both audiences and hardcore fans alike. In addition to her success, she often takes time on social media to talk with her die-hards and respond to questions or happening surrounding her online. One recent example was her reply to a fan who asked whether she ever wishes for a normal life. Also, she revealed the advice that she would give her younger self.

“Do you ever wish for a normal life?” the fan asked the “Red Ruby Da Sleeze” star via Twitter. “If you could go back and tell your younger self anything what would it be?” Nicki Minaj’s answer was short, sweet, and surely inspirational for many out there, or at least motivating enough to keep their heads up. “I have everything I ever prayed for,” the rap star responded. “If I could tell my younger self something I’d say: ‘hang in there, one day you’ll have the best fans on earth.‘”

Nicki Minaj Would Tell Her Younger Self To “Hang In There”

Through her hard work and a strong connection to her fanbase, those words ring true. Not many other Standoms out there come close to the passion, sheer number, and prolific nature of the Barbz. Beyond that, the 40-year-old is also venturing into new areas of collaboration with artists outside of the rap game. For example, her recent appearance on Kim Petras’ “Alone” left the German artist befuddled. “It doesn’t feel real still,” Petras told Zane Lowe. “Her singing, ‘It’s Barbie and it’s Kim Petras,’ I cried. I was on the floor and then she calls me Kim Petty in it, which all my friends are like, ‘How do we not come up with that [in] our entire lives?’

“So she just changed my life in so many ways with that verse, and that verse rips,” she continued. “I love her and I’m so inspired by her always, it’s crazy to me. I don’t know how she does it, but she’s just the greatest ever. I’m so happy that she likes the song. We shot the music video together and [Minaj] was like, ‘Ugh, when I heard the song, I just loved it.’ And that just made me so happy. I feel like I’ve learned so much. I feel like I love her more. When the camera’s on, it’s crazy. She just goes into full superstar.” For more updates and news on Nicki Minaj, check back in with HNHH.


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