December 2, 2023

Tasha K Files For Bankruptcy As Cardi B Awaits Over $3M In Defamation Payment Debt


When it comes to her money, Cardi B doesn’t play. The Grammy Award-winner is once again proving this after winning her defamation lawsuit against Tasha K. A month ago it was first reported that the YouTuber’s social media checks are being seized by Bardi. She’s presently awaiting the remainder of her nearly $4 million payment. The mother of two first received upwards of $10K from Tasha’s ad revenue. Shortly after that, she reportedly took home another $640. While still nice to receive, they’re hardly making a dent in the massive amount still owed.

Late on Thursday (May 25), @theneighborhoodtalk exclusively reported that the embattled internet star has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as of yesterday. “A Chapter 11 debtor usually proposes a plan of reorganization to keep its business alive and pay creditors over time,” the outlet explained. “The plans are designed to keep the business operational during and following the bankruptcy process.” When filling out these applications, a list of assets must be submitted. This information revealed that Tasha K has just $95 in her Chase account at this time.

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Cardi B Leaves Tasha K Broke After Winning Lawsuit

Her personal belongings (purses, cars, clothing, her engagement ring, and business-related properties) are reportedly worth $58,595.56. At this time, Tasha K is not being evicted from her home. Nevertheless, Cardi has explored options around seizing her enemies’ property in the past. It remains unclear if the YouTuber has a clear plan in place, or any idea when she’ll be out of debt, but the road ahead of her certainly seems like a long one.

After Cardi B was declared victorious against her last October, Tasha K attempted to appeal the judgement. The rap diva’s legal team promptly urged that it be thrown out, but the 41-year-old continued to plead for another trial. Ultimately, the judge took the side of the New Yorker, who was left traumatized after Tasha falsely claimed she had an STI, among other damaging comments. Make sure to check back in later for any updates on the case and your other favourite celebrities.

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