December 2, 2023

Offset & Bobbi Althoff Give Off Hilariously Awkward Energy In Interview Snippet


A new Bobbi Althoff rap interview is on the way, and you can expect some more awkward but hilariously entertaining vibes from it. Moreover next guest is Offset, as she teased in a small snippet of their conversation that she uploaded to her TikTok page. In it, they debate how they actually linked up, jokingly bickering over who’s team reached out to who. Also, the viral interviewer answered the Georgia MC’s question about why she talks to people by saying she wants to get to know her guests. Funnily enough, when he asked why she wants to know him, Althoff said that she actually doesn’t.

“C-A-P. Flag on the play,” Offset comically responded to these remarks, and also to those about his team reaching out to her to set this up. Even though they don’t know how this happened, they still kept up an engaging, albeit cringeworthy, back and forth. To do so, they both stayed on the same wavelength. When the former Migo said he had to go on TikTok to find out who she was (because she’s not on Google), Bobbi Althoff said she Googled who he was on her way to the shoot.

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Bobbi Althoff Interviewing Offset: Watch

Of course, this might not match the now-infamous interview Bobbi Althoff did with Drake, which propelled her into viral fame in the hip-hop world. She actually ended up deleting the whole thing for unknown reasons, though many speculate that the 6 God had something to do with it. Hopefully, Offset is a better sport if this is true, because these have been pretty bizarre pieces of content that show an interesting side to these artists. Sure, that’s also come with a lot of hate, but name something on the Internet that hasn’t.

Meanwhile, the “FAN” hitmaker has good reason to go on a press run, as unconventional as this interview is. His new album Set It Off is dropping soon, and many fans are excited to hear more in both musical and personal terms. In due time, we’ll see what other quirky and noteworthy moments these two cooked up during their chat. With that in mind, check back in with HNHH for the latest news and updates on Offset.

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