April 25, 2024

Chandler Jones Arrested For Violating Protective Order A Second Time


Chandler Jones has once again been arrested in Las Vegas for the violation of a domestic violence protective order. Details about the arrest were not immediately made available. However, the arrest comes three weeks after Jones was detained on the same charge. In that instance, Jones was accused of going to a woman’s home, taking several personal items from her yard, and then burning them on his property.

Jones’ first arrest came after a turbulent series of posts on social media. After a livestream in which he burst into tears after saying Aaron Hernandez didn’t kill himself, Jones shared a positive interaction with Antonio Brown before leaving social media to go to a strip club. He was reportedly arrested for violating a domestic violence protective order and posted bond later on Friday. Jones had a court date in early December concerning the first arrest. This remains a developing story and we’ll have any updates as they emerge.

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Jones A Free Agent

Elsewhere, the Raiders released Jones after his first arrest. “[We are] hopeful that Chandler Jones receives the care that he needs. He, his family, and all those involved are in our thoughts,” Raiders said in a statement. Jones, a first-round pick in 2012, was in the second year of a three-year contract with the Raiders. However, he had been away from the team since Labor Day Weekend and had alleged malpractice on the part of senior team officials. In a series of tweets, Jones accused owner Mark Davis of covering for an unnamed individual who had allegedly molested Jones’ goddaughter.

Jones had 38 tackles last season, a career low in seasons where he played at least 10 games. Understandably, no team has moved to acquire him given his apparent mental health struggles and legal woes. Furthermore, Jones posted twice on social media on the day of his arrest. The first was a screenshot of his Instagram story along with the caption “hmmm”. The image was an engaged call with a treatment center. Over this, Jones had added the text “Called the psych ward I was at…to check on the people I was in there with…they just gave me the run around…I bought all that stuff yesterday to give to the staff and patients”. Additionally, Jones’ other post from October 17 simply read “shit gettin sticky”.

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