April 24, 2024

DJ Envy Real Estate Associate Hit With Fraud Charges


DJ Envy has been wrapped up in some pretty wild allegations as of late. Overall, it all stems from his association to Cesar Pina. The two were in business together as they sought to teach people how to invest in real estate. Pina has been accused of taking money from people and ultimately screwing them out of their investments. Although Envy is not being accused of doing the same, he does stand accused of funneling clients over to Pina.

According to RLS Media, Pina has been arrested on fraud charges in New Jersey. He was subsequently released on $1 million bond, however, he still faces wire-fraud charges. As of right now, DJ Envy has yet to make a statement on any of this. However, during an episode of The Breakfast Club last week, Envy did address some of the allegations. He noted that Pina took money from him as well and that he never saw a dime of his investments. Furthermore, he said that he only wanted to uplift his community and that he was never made aware of Pina taking cash from people.

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DJ Envy Under The Microscope

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – OCTOBER 01: DJ Envy attends the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards at Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre on October 01, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Derek White/WireImage)

“Let me explain some things,” DJ Envy explained “So Cesar and myself did seminars. Now, the reason I did these seminars is because I wanted to uplift my community. I wanted to teach my community about real estate. Things that I didn’t know when I was buying my first home. So I did these seminars and brought industry professionals to all these seminars, whether it was real estate agents from different markets, contractors, money lenders. I even brought Auction.com to actually show people how to purchase houses online. Now Cesar, if he took money, I wasn’t privy to it nor did I even know. But I do understand how people feel if they did give him money because I gave him a lot of money that I didn’t see a dollar of return.”

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