April 25, 2024

Fat Joe & Lil Kim Perform At The Apollo, Rap Diva Brings Out Signature Robot Moves: Watch


For the past few years, female rhymers have been holding things down in the hip-hop community, from big players like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B to rising stars such as Ice Spice and Sexyy Red. Before we met all of those artists, one woman was holding onto the title of the Queen of Rap – Lil Kim. The New York native pushed boundaries so that those coming after her would be free to express themselves fully and find success within the industry rather than be taken advantage of by executives.

Though she’s no longer rhyming as feverishly as we once heard her, Kim remains in the public eye and still knows a thing or two about performing. For instance, her dear friend Fat Joe tapped her to join him on stage at the Apollo Theater in New York City earlier this week, which she happily obliged. In the video below, the “Love Stick” hitmaker pulls out some of her signature dance moves, including the robotic motions she often goes viral for pulling out consistently over the years.

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Fat Joe Surprises New York Crowd With Queen Bee Lil Kim

Kim’s fans are always happy to see her still in action, but critics still have much to say about the significant changes to her appearance over the years. “Personally, my heart hurts for this woman, and Black women in general when I see this video,” one Twitter/X user wrote, pulling out an old photo of Kim to compare to her notably whiter look in 2024. “We’re just lying to ourselves; the only thing I see is a Black woman in pain and nothing else,” they speculated. “I love when seasoned artists still have enthusiasm to perform,” someone else chimed in, praising both Joe and his friend.

Elsewhere in the Queen Bee’s world, Lil Kim’s been cozying up with a younger man who goes by Tayy Brown. It’s unclear what their current relationship status is, though we can tell the New York native has plenty of feelings. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news.

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