She never misses a beat when it comes to clapping back at social media users who try to go after her online, and a Cardi B once again had to gather someone on Instagram. Celebrities are often called out for having cosmetic surgery—whether it is BBLs, liposuction, or some form of facial reconstruction. Going under the knife is a common occurrence in the entertainment industry, and Cardi has often found herself on the receiving end of people storming her comment sections with assessments of her physique.

Recently, Cardi posted a “date night” photo with her husband Offset, and someone slid in the comments to say that she had a nose job but she still looked good. Despite the compliment, Cardi B wasn’t thrilled with the observation. 

Cardi B
Arturo Holmes / Staff / Getty Images

Cardi confirmed that she did have rhinoplasty and told the public to stop bringing up the same things every day.

“The nose was done in 2020 sweety it’s been 2 years and after 30 pounds added on my body due to pregnancy the nose finally settled and looked snatched,” Cardi replied. It was back in 2020 when Cardi began wearing masks in public, fueling rumors that she had work done. “Every week yall post the same comment is getting old and I post every week so please tell me when I have the time to recover from every new face y’all claim I have every 2 days …[yawn emoji].”

“Is getting old… just say I look good and go.” The rapper hasn’t been shy in speaking about her multiple cosmetic surgeries. Check out the exchange below.