February 21, 2024

Latto Claps Back At “Fan” Ghostwriting Claim


Latto has been trending in the media heavily with her sophomore album, 777, coming out tomorrow and all types of characters are coming out of the woodwork including a “fan” who claims he ghostwrote for her and got stiffed with no compensation.



A past associate of Latto  – who she downplayed as a “fan” – went to Twitter to claim they ghostwrote her verse on Saucy Santana’s “Up & Down.” The associate not only claims to have written for Latto but also says he was left off the credits and was ghosted by both Saucy Santana and Latto.

Latto wasn’t happy to see this and kindly clapped back at the “fan” like only a Georgia peach can, quoting “Idek who invited u this day YEARS AGO but u were very much a FAN suggesting lines I should say and I kindly passed on all ur corny bars… that was cute but the world saw me writing since a kid on television sir sorry. 777 out at midnight cause I see what u tried to do there.”

The alleged ghostwriter then followed up with a video in the studio with Latto and Saucy Santana. In the video you can clearly hear Saucy Santana say “You still writing that line Latto?” and Latto replying “I’m still trying to figure out my last bar” as Latto has a pen in her hand. 

Latto clapped back to say that the video just proves her point that SHE was writing her rhymes, not him, saying “Look at the same dumb ass trying to say he “wrote” for me recording like a fan while I’m LITERALLY WRITING W A PEN IN MY HAND as Santana says “did u get the line yet Latto” the jokes write themselves.”

Yikes, well that’s embarrassing for the fanboy.  I guess Latto keeps all her receipts at the ready.

Latto has big news and we think we cracked it.  The southern belle has a surprise for fans and all the evidence points to the reveal of a major co-sign from a female superstar on her upcoming 777 album release.  

Latto dropped the tracklist to her upcoming album 777 which includes the list of artists set to be featured on the album. One song in particular –“Big Energy Remix” — had the artist’s name blurred out, leaving fans to guess who was on the secret collaboration.   The blurred name was clearly two words.  Amateur forensic sleuths on the internet were able to decipher that the first letter of the first name started with an “M” or “N.”

Rapper Latto has been in everyone’s mouth after she recently exposed how a male artist tried to withhold a feature clearance on her upcoming album because she refused to sleep with him.  Latto went on Real 92.3’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood to make this disclosure. During the interview, she said a rapper on her album gave her a hard time clearing a feature. The unnamed artist threatened to withhold the track because she wouldn’t respond to their sexual advances.

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