September 30, 2023

Mary J. Blige Taps H.E.R. For “Good Morning Gorgeous (Remix)”


After sharing her empowering album Good Morning Gorgeous, Mary J. Blige has put a spin on the album’s title track with the help of H.E.R. Blige has repeatedly stated that she’s in the best space she’s been in her life thus far with a new outlook after coming out of a divorce that left her broken. Good Morning Gorgeous was an affirmation she said to herself every morning and because it helped her, she wanted to help others. 

“I’d been destroyed in a situation, like I was never enough,” Blige told E!. “Nothing was ever enough, and I had to find a place in myself, I had to find something to say to myself. Like when you hear the word ‘gorgeous,’ you think of Halle Berry and Apollonia and Salli Richardson in their prime. So that word gorgeous, for me, was something I didn’t believe but was something I had to say to myself in order to build myself up and pull myself up out of this negative thing where I wasn’t pretty enough, I was not smart enough, I couldn’t do this, I couldn’t do that.”

Adding more to the album’s hype is the remix to “Good Morning Gorgeous” that hosts a stellar look from H.E.R. The Queen of Hip Hop-Soul joins the powerhouse singer for a collaboration that will delight R&B fans. Stream Mary J. Blige and H.E.R.’s “Good Morning Gorgeous (Remix)” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

Second-guessing, it don’t help me
I’m so tired of feeling empty
Dry my eyes, it’s time to fight


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