September 30, 2023

Janet Hubert Defends Will Smith, Reveals Celebs She Wanted To Smack


The Blacktress has spoken

There’s no one in Hollyweird more fearless than Janet Hubert who defended Will Smith slapping Chris Rock in an Instagram post and separate video where she named all of the celebs she wanted to smack over the years but didn’t.

“So PROUD OF YOU!” she wrote on Instagram. “Yes, there is only so much one can take…sometimes you have to slap back. Celebrate the win…nothing else matters. Both actions were incorrect but Chris didn’t need to go there.”

Hubert went on to express her disdain for Rock, closing out the post by saying, “Met him once…. it was enough for me…. very mean spirited.”

In a now viral video, the iconic TV auntie took things a step further by naming celebs she wanted to smack including Wendy Williams, Kevin Frazier, Michael Yo, and Tamron Hall.

This comes months after the outspoken actress took aim at Phylicia Rashad who shattered Twitter with her celebration of Bill Cosby’s prison release.

“FINALLY!!!! A terrible wrong is being righted- a miscarriage of justice is corrected!” she tweeted in response to her disgraced TV husband’s shocking release from prison.

Naturally, the Blacktress swooped in and gathered her.

“Phylicia what are you thinking!!! I don’t know you but to say this was terribly wrong. EVERYONE knew what he was doing back then. How could you NOT! Get your umbrella sista here comes the shit shower. I am outraged that he has been released. Yes he is an old a** guilty man!”

Do you agree with Janet Hubert? Tell us down below and peep the Twitter hysteria over her comments on the flip.

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