June 23, 2024

6ix9ine Claims Money He’s Flaunting Is Fake Amid Lawsuit


6ix9ine is claiming he’s broke despite flaunting millions of dollars.

Last week, the “GINÉ” rapper posted a video on Instagram where he walks around with what he claims is $2 million in cash while surrounded by a fleet of luxury cars.

“I do not cap. This is really my lifestyle. This is how I really live,” he said while showing off several diamond watches, which he claims cost as much as a house.

“I really got your net worth in my trunk,” he said as he popped open the hood of a Lamborghini with more money in it.

He proceeded to count out $1.3 million in cash. “This is really my lifestyle. I’m the King of New York. I could really take two years off of rap. I could do that. Y’all can’t,” he said.

When asked about the ostentatious show of wealth, he claimed the money was not real and that he was using fake money for “entertainment” purposes. “I ain’t got it right now. That was prop money,” he told TMZ just days later. “I’m an entertainer… I have a degree in entertainment.”

6ix9ine may be claiming to be broke because he owes $1 million to robbery victims in a criminal case where he snitched on members of his former gang to get a reduced sentence. In legal documents, he told a judge that he was “struggling to make ends meet” and that he was on the brink of bankruptcy.

In the video, 6ix9ine also appeared to taunt Fivio Foreign—who recently disputed his “King of New York” title—although he did not mention Fivio by name.

Tekashi insists that he didn’t intend to beef with anybody and that he just wanted to “come out with positivity.” “My plan was never to come at nobody, it was just to drop music, get back into the realm of my art,” he said. “I came out, I didn’t mention anybody. Fivio jumped out the window first. He could’ve just stood quiet.”

On his new single “GINÉ,” which was released Friday, he once again takes shots at Lil Durk following the death of King Von. But he says that he didn’t start the beef.

“If you just leave me alone, I don’t have to do this,” said the infamous troll. “Why King Von diss me after he’s dead? Why not crucify his management, his team, his label? Why continue with the beef if your artist died from beef?”

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