The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets are reportedly “actively engaged” in discussions to trade Russell Westbrook and Kyrie Irving for each other, according to a new report from Yahoo Sports. The report comes after both Westbrook and Irving signed player options to opt into the final year of their deals for the 2022-23 season. This puts Irving on a $36.5 million contract and Westbrook on a $47 million contract.

The outlet reports that league sources say the Nets are seeking draft compensation as well as shooting guard Joe Harris in the deal. The Lakers are holding off on including Harris and instead are aiming to acquire Seth Curry.

Kyrie, Westbrook
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Irving appeared to respond to the report on Twitter, sharing an animated illustration of a bird leaving its cage.

The 7-time NBA All-Star joined the Brooklyn Nets in 2019, alongside Kevin Durant and later, James Harden. The superstar roster never panned out into championship success and Harden left for the Philadelphia 76ers, earlier this year.

If Irving is sent to Los Angeles, he’ll rejoin LeBron James, with whom he won the 2016 NBA Finals as a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

The report comes just days after Durant requested a trade from the organization. It’s rumored that his preferred destinations are the Miami Heat or Phoenix Suns.

Check out Irving’s recent tweet below.