Dominique Boyd, the mother of Shondale “Tooka” Gregory, who was fatally shot at 15 years old in 2011, wants rappers to stop referencing her son in their lyrics. Boyd spoke about her son’s tragic death and the continued name-dropping of Tooka during a recent interview with Say Cheese.

“My son had nothing to do with nothing in this rap industry. He didn’t even know how to beatbox, let alone bust a lyric for a rap,” Boyd told the outlet. “For him to be disrespected and [mocked for] his death? They’re the ones—my son was not about that lifestyle. They’re the ones who are making him famous and blowing him up like this, ’cause they can’t stop saying his fuckin’ name … You don’t even know my son.”

Tooka was a suspected member of the Gangster Disciples, who are a rival street gang to the Black Disciples, of whom Chief Keef is a suspected affiliate. Keef dissed the late Tooka in his tracks “3Hunna” and “John Madden.” Lil Durk and King Von have also used his name in their lyrics.

“I just wanna know why. Why? That’s all I have to ask them,” Boyd continued. “What has my son done to y’all to make y’all disrespect him like this? Every song they make has got, ‘We smokin’ on Tooka. Fuck Tooka this, fuck Tooka that. You know how long my son has been gone? Since 2011. This is 2022 and he’s still a trending topic … I don’t want this lifestyle. He didn’t want this lifestyle. He can’t be here and be his voice, so I’m gonna do it for him.”

It’s believed that Tooka’s killing was retaliation for the death of a Black Disciples affiliate.

“How could you kill somebody … and mock that?” she asked. “What’s funny about that?”

Check out Boyd’s full comments with Say Cheese below.