Bryan Cranston made history during the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball game by getting himself ejected in the last inning after throwing a bucket of gum onto an umpire. Cranston had been upset with a strike call during his at-bat earlier in the game.

The legendary actor walked up to the plate using the Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle theme songs during the night. 

After a pitch from Jennie Finch was ruled a strike, Cranston channeled Walter White to take his anger out on the umpire behind home plate.

“It was inside,” Cranston yelled, kicking dirt towards the umpire’s feet. “You’re stealing the game from us!”

Bryan Cranston
Theo Wargo / Getty Images

He then came back with a bucket of gum to throw on the umpire and was tossed from the event.

Other celebrities to take part in the softball game included Rob Lowe, J.K. Simmons, Bad Bunny, Action Bronson, and more.

Earlier in the day, Cranston was hit by a line drive from Grammy Award-winning singer Anthony Ramos while the two were practicing in the batting cages.

“It’s definitely going to bruise,” Cranston said afterward. “I might be more of a cheerleader in this game.”

Check out highlights from Cranston’s night at the MLB All-Star Celebrity Softball game below. In the end, Team Brooklyn beat Cranston and Team Los Angeles 15-13.