May 21, 2024

DJ Envy Questions Media’s Role In Hip Hop Violence


A new episode of Hip Hop Homicides airs tonight and it has sparked conversations. The industry has long been plagued with tragic circumstances, but in recent years, Hip Hop has suffered the most. Dozens of artists have lost their lives to gun violence and Hip Hop Homicides investigates these cases. When these tragedies surface, fans often engage in debates about lyrics, beefs, and violence. DJ Envy and Van Lathan not only examine the topic but question the media’s involvement.

“If I punch you in the face right now, but now it’s on social media, now it never ends,” said Envy. “Because now, I embarrass you, you want to embarrass me back the same way.”

(Chris Sweda/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images)

Lathan brought up Will Smith and Chris Rock’s Academy Awards moment as well as Draymond Greene and Jordan Poole.

“How does this brotha move on when everybody saw him get dotted like that?” Lathan questioned. “I mean, Envy, we all play a part in this.”

50 Cent and Mona Scott-Young teamed up to bring Hip Hop Homicides to WEtv. Van Lathan flexes his journalistic skills once more as the host of the show. “As of 2022, there have been a staggering number of rappers who have been murdered,” he said in a trailer. “And more than half of those cases are unsolved… We’re here to bring these cases into the light.”

Viewers will take an intimate look at the deaths of some of our favorite artists. The murders of rappers like Pop Smoke, Mo3, and King Von are discussed at length, as well as the media’s role. Outlets are often criticized for how they cover such news, in addition to sharing posts of people enacting violence. Videos and photos of altercations have become the norm, but not everyone believes it is edifying for Hip Hop culture.

Check out more from Hip Hop Homicides below.

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