May 19, 2024

MC Serch Responds To Nas Mention On “King’s Disease III” – HotNewHipHop


MC Serch recently responded to Nas shouting him out on his latest Hit-Boy-produced album, King’s Disease III. Without a doubt, the 3rd Bass member is one of hip-hop’s earliest and most successful pioneers. The legendary Queens MC shouted him out for owning part of his most revered albums and pushing that legacy forward.

“Peace to MC Serch, how much the catalog worth?” Nas raps on “WTF SMH.” “I made it so many can have a piece of what I earn… Push it to the max, now it’s maximum returns.”

Moreover, Serch obtained the rights to Nas’s Illmatic (1994) and It Was Written (1996). He executive-produced both records. Recently, he announced he was selling those rights, which is what Nas is referencing. So the “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” rapper likely feels fulfilled at the prospect of his work creating wealth. Also, his legacy is so legendary that his benevolent expansion of profits is for history, not just for the money.

Furthermore, Serch spoke to AllHipHop about Nas’s shoutout. He also expressed gratitude for Emimen’s nod during his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction speech. Recently, Em mentioned 3rd Bass and many other groups Serch has worked with: MF DOOM and KMD, OC, and more.

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MC Serch’s Gratitude

“It was more than just Nas’ comment about me on his album—it has been one of the best weeks of my life,” he stated. “Having Eminem mention every group I was ever involved in, executive produced, discovered and recorded with in his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech to celebrating 11 years of recovery to Nas honoring our relationship, it has been the best week or at least one of the best weeks of my professional career. 

“I am flattered that Nas recognizes and sees,” Serch continued. “I am glad Nas sees that I was someone who had integrity and character and that I was able to show him by my actions in deeds that whatever I receive from my share of my portion of the catalog, I earned it. Thank you Nas for allowing me to be a small part of your history.”

Now, Serch is making the sale through his companies Serchlite Publishing and Serchlite Music (now 4MC MultiMedia). Still, he held executive-producer rights to these albums for almost three decades. Stay tuned to HotNewHipHop to see who ends up with two classics under their belt.


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