April 1, 2023

Michael B. Jordan Recalls Applying At Jack In The Box Before His Acting Career Blew Up: Watch

Michael B. Jordan has become well-known in the industry as both a director and actor, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still humble. The California native recently joined the R&B Money podcast to explain how life was during his time on The Wire. Contrary to popular belief, he wasn’t always the handsome movie star many know and love him as today. Jordan’s most prevalent memory of that time is how broke he was, despite starring in such an iconic show. People would recognize him in public, and yet his bank account was sitting at an unfortunate zero.

The 36-year-old states in his interview that he was booking multiple jobs in his early career. On several occasions, Jordan was told he was overqualified for the jobs he chose to apply to. “Me and Sterling applying to Jack in the Box. You know what I mean?” He bashfully expresses the embarrassment he felt from having to work in fast food despite his celebrity status. “And these n***as gonna know who I am. So it’s not like oh it’s just a random person. I was willing to take the L.”

Michael B. Jordan Applied To Several Fast Food Joints Before His Financial Success

Now, at 36 years old, Jordan leads a highly successful career. His rise to fame was as honest as could be, and an unfortunate reality for many stars. Although his role in The Wire was a pivotal moment in his career, he was unaware of the fact while searching desperately for his next gig. Still, the Marvel actor can look back on it and laugh as he has secured himself financially. Now, fast food workers are able to recognize him in some of the hottest films hitting theaters recently.

Black Panther, the Creed series, and Without Remorse are just a few of the titles that have landed the Hollywood heartthrob at his current level. Biting the bullet paid off for him in the long run, and his situation goes to show what can happen when an artist chooses humility over pride. Now his old coworkers get to tell everyone they know that they once worked with Michael B. Jordan. Stay tuned for any updates on his upcoming projects and your other favourite celebs.


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