April 24, 2024

J. Cole Graces Aspiring Rapper With Listening Session Visit In NYC Projects


Cole’s always for the people, and his latest interaction with a rising artist is no different. J. Cole recently surprised up-and-coming rapper Ty Trilly at his listening session in a New York City project, and lended an ear to his track “Adapt.” Moreover, it’s unclear how they linked, but Ty expressed his gratitude via Instagram with a clip of Cole. “Cole pulled up on me To hear my new shit, No Meetings in the city straight Raw block shit,” he wrote. “Appreciate You @realcoleworld , It’s up From Here !!” Then, the Dreamville boss gave Trilly some advice on the song.

“I ain’t even put a second verse on it yet,” Ty told him, to which Cole replied earnestly. “You don’t even need it, n***a. Shoot the s**t, put that b***h out, next! ‘Cause they gon’ feel it. And they gon’ feel the next one, I swear to God. I know what you mean like, ‘Man, I probably need a second verse.’ No, n***a. Just that! Shoot the video, put that b***h out, it’s gon’ land on the people it’s supposed to land on.”

J. Cole At Burgeoning NYC Rapper’s Listening Session

Recently, J. Cole apparently found a type beat from YouTube he liked and dropped a song exclusively on the creator’s channel. Even though not everybody believes that story, it’s certainly consistent with this clip- that is, if this is a genuine run-in, as well. But when has skepticism ever been fun in the rap game? Regardless, the “No Role Modelz” rapper, and role model for many, also talked to Trilly’s crew about how to take off.

“I’m shooting that s**t, I’ma go with my n***a — what is it? Pasta on the what? Pasta On Da Lenz. And I’m taking it to the crib, we gon’ edit this s**t and I’m putting it out, bro! Y’all n***as got a whole f***ing — it’s already a network over here. You n***as just gotta come together, you know what I mean? There’s too many people right here to not have the network.” From one of the best rappers of our generation, those words should mean a lot to an MC of any background or exposure level. Regardless, check out more clips of their interaction down below, and return to HNHH for the latest on J. Cole.

Ty Trilly’s Crew Gets Game


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