April 24, 2024

Kyrie Irving Speaks On Mavericks Struggles


Kyrie Irving’s addition to the Dallas Mavericks had many expecting the team to be a deadly force. With Luka Doncic, the addition of Irving made a formidable backcourt. Now the team is fighting for their playoff lives. The Mavericks sit one spot out of the Play-In Tournament and hold a 37-40 record. Not the record anyone inside the organization had planned since Irving joined the team. Luka has already expressed his frustrations with how the season is turning out. Now Kyrie has voiced his concerns with the team’s current play.

It’s hard to see a team with so much talent miss the playoffs. The Western Conference is stacked with talent. However, there’s no excuse for the Mavericks to miss the playoffs. The Mavericks have dropped five of their last six. Including two to a lowly Charlotte Hornets squad. So what exactly could the issue be? For Irving, he believes the trade during mid-season is having an effect. Irving mentions that the frustrations are felt inside the locker room.

Kyrie Irving Admits Trade Is Playing Factor In Recent Struggles

The Mavericks guard mentioned that newness has been a huge factor for him. Just learning everything that goes on within the organization has taken time. Yes, that could be hard to learn. However, Irving isn’t the first star to be traded in the season. His words seem to say he is happy, even if he preferred to be in Brooklyn. The Kyrie Irving saga has been a roller coaster of emotion. Nonetheless, Irving has stayed relatively quiet since joining the Mavericks. As he mentioned, the only issue since arriving in Dallas has been the performance on the court.

One might wonder how Mark Cuban feels about all this. Not making the playoffs with this roster is an absolute failure. If the Mavericks miss the playoffs, what will this roster look like next year? Will Irving still be in Dallas? Will Luka be looking for a way out? Luka’s frustrations are visible when watching this team on a nightly basis. Many questions will need to be answered. Sound off in the comments section below. For more news on Kyrie and the Mavericks, stay with us at HNHH.

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