April 25, 2024

Playboi Carti Captured The Attention Of The Mainstream With “Magnolia”


Playboi Carti is one of the biggest artists in hip-hop right now. However, his rise to fame has been counter to what you would expect. For instance, his last project Whole Lotta Red was completely panned upon its release. There were a ton of fans who absolutely hated it due to its punk and metal aesthetic. Although, many eventually came around on the project’s sound. It also didn’t help that this project was a follow-up to 2018’s Die Lit which had some of Carti’s best work of his entire career.

When we talk about Playboi Carti, however, it is important to talk about his self-titled mixtape from 2017. This album came out on the same day as Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. Moreover, it featured some truly incredible songs. One of which was the Lil Uzi Vert-assisted “wokeuplikethis.” If you remember that era, you probably understand that “Magnolia” was the biggest hit from the project. I mean, who could forget the infamous Pi’erre Bourne “hey Pierre you wanna come out here” drop at the start of the song?

Playboi Carti Snapped With “Magnolia”

This song was a moment when it was released. Of course, oldheads were confused by this song thanks to the complete lack of lyricism here. Instead, Carti simply focused on flow and putting words together that sounded fun and melodic. The production was hypnotic, and his voice helped create this soundscape that was previously unheard of. Six years later, and every new artist is trying to do a bastardized version of what Carti has been doing this while time.

While Playboi Carti has grown passed “Magnolia,” it is still important to bring attention to songs like this. It is a huge part of Carti’s legacy, and in some ways, he helped change the direction of the genre. Let us know what you think of this track, in the comments section below. Additionally, stay tuned to HNHH for the latest news from the music world.

Quotable Lyrics:

In New York I Milly Rock (rock)
Hide it in my sock (sock)
Running from the opp (opp)
And I shoot at opp (opp) uh, uh (what?)
And I’m on the block (what?) Uh, uh (what? What?)
And I’m on the block (what?)

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