June 16, 2024

Chrisean Rock Gets Shoe Thrown At Her In New “Baddies” Episode


The teaser trailer for the newest episode of “Baddies West” shows some spicy and wild content coming from the crew very soon. One of its most notable moments is when someone throws a shoe at Chrisean Rock during her performance at a nightclub. Not only that, but it seems like shortly after that incident, a fight breaks out in the crowd amid the reality TV stars and various other onlookers. All in all, it seems like exactly the type of hijinks and crazy drama that everyone would tune in to see time and time again. Also in the trailer, a short clip is shown of the crew’s roundtable talk, where Biggie defends Tommie Lee being absent.

As far as other Chrisean Rock news, she recently shared a sweet message to her unborn child, which has taken up a lot of her time recently. “Hey sweet angel,” Rock wrote on Twitter to the little one. “I can’t wait till u get here. You gon help me be the best me. I’m looking forward to you bud,” she shared alongside a pregnant emoji. “The fact it’s precious to know you right here with me is beautiful.”

Chrisean Rock Almost Hit By Shoe On “Baddies West”

On the other hand, her relationship with Blueface is the source of as much conflict as speculation. For example, many people thought that he was shading Rock with one of his tweets about women always wanting “what they can’t have.” Furthermore, he wrote “Never let ’em have you king,” and many believed that he and Chrisean Rock were back to fighting constantly. While that may be true, he shut down people assuming that tweet was directly about the reality TV star.

Regardless of how often they clash or blast each other online, they certainly have to support each other when it comes to dealing with haters- and opponents. As Chrisean continues on “Baddies West,” Blueface will box TikTok personality Ed Matthews later in April. Matthews insulted Rock as part of his insults towards the “Bleed It” MC, who chose to keep things strictly aimed at his opp. With that in mind, stick around on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

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