June 3, 2023

HBO Announces “Big Bang Theory” Spin-Off


They say the whole universe was in a hot dense state and then nearly fourteen billion years ago again, expansion started. HBO knows a thing or two about expansion, especially after their investor showcase on April 12. Among the major announcements were the launch of Max, replacing HBO Max, and a 10-year Harry Potter TV project. A new Game of Thrones prequel called The Hedge Knight was also revealed.

The Big Bang Theory was not an HBO Original. The science-centric sitcom about four scientists at Cal Tech ran for 12 years on CBS. However, HBO bought the US streaming rights in 2020 after the show’s final season. Regarding well in its early years but somewhat loathed by its end, The Big Bang Theory got a Wonder Years-esque prequel in 2017. Now, it’s getting a full-blown spin-off on HBO.

HBO Tease “Big Bang Theory” Spin-Off But Provide No Details

It goes without saying that the Big Bang Theory spin-off is in the earliest stages of development. So much so, that it has not yet officially been ordered to series. However, it is believed to be following in the mold of Young Sheldon and producing one-hour episodes. The show will feature a largely new cast, with cameos from the original actors. Big Bang Theory ended with de facto main character Dr. Sheldon Cooper winning a Nobel Prize. It is unclear if the new show would maintain the nerd-culture atmosphere, complete with numerous special guests.

The news is reminiscent of Hulu’s How I Met Your Father, a show that took the broad concept of CBS’ How I Met Your Mother but is not a continuation. If we had to guess, HBO’s Big Bang Theory project will follow the work and personal lives of a group of scientists at a different prestigious scientific institute. And much like How I Met Your Father, the show would utilize the original cast to make cameo appearances. However, it appears to be a shift away from the “filmed in front of a studio audience” sitcom that The Big Bang Theory was. The show will be executive produced by Big Bang Theory co-creator Chuck Lorre. Lorre is also already working with HBO on How To Be A Bookie.


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