June 7, 2023

Nick Cannon Claims He Has “Super Sperm”


Nick Cannon’s proclivity for having children seems like the primary thing the musician and television host is known for these days. Cannon has 12 children with six women and recently managed to forget one of their names while on Howard Stern. Her mother was sure to call him out over it on social media. His children’s names vary from Morrocan to Onyx to Halo. One of Stern’s children tragically passed away from cancer at just five months old.

Cannon’s children range from his 11-year-old twins with Mariah Carey to his four-month-old daughter with Alyssa Scott. However, Cannon has four kids all born since September 2022. Cannon also recently said that he wouldn’t want to live with all 12 kids at once. Now 12 kids probably do a lot of things to your way of thinking, but Cannon made an especially bold claim in a recent podcast episode.

“Super Sperm”

Appearing on the Howie Mandel Does Stuff podcast, the conversation inevitably turned to the topic of Cannon’s large family. In regards to how he ended up with so many children, Nick Cannon had a simple (and tongue-in-cheek) answer. “I’m gonna be honest, I got some super sperm or something, ’cause I’ve practiced birth control, and people still got pregnant,” Cannon said. Someone should warn Taylor Swift, who Cannon has (jokingly) eyed as his next baby mama. By comparison, interviewer Howie Mandel has three children.

There is a lot to break down there. First, we would not be doing our due diligence as journalists if we didn’t note that birth control is not 100% effective. While birth control greatly reduces the likelihood of pregnancy, it does not eliminate it completely. But “super sperm” is a bold statement from the 12-time father, though one that’s surprisingly hard to disprove. However, if that’s the case, maybe Cannon could help with NASA’s reported plan to send millions of sperm to the moon. Despite this, Cannon’s 12 children is a modest number. Wikipedia only tracks men who have had 25 children or more. Though to be clear, we are not encouraging Nick Cannon to have 13 more children. But if he does have “super sperm”, that might be out of his control.


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