December 2, 2023

Big Lex Claps Back At Stunna Girl For Calling Her A Rat As Joseline Hernandez 911 Call Makes The Rounds


Earlier this year, Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti stepped into the ring for a boxing match. But as it turns out that may not be the most notorious fight that even happened at the event. Reality stars and rappers clashed when a massive fight broke out between Love & Hip Hop‘s Joseline Hernandez and Joseline’s Cabaret‘s Big Lex. The two were clearly pretty determined to brawl. They managed to get a fight in despite everyone surrounding them trying to hold them both back.

Just a few hours after the fight Joseline Hernandez was arrested. She was hit with battery, trespassing, and obstruction with violence charges. Hernandez later took to Instagram to make light of the charges. She made a post with the caption “even the beat can’t catch me,” implying she thinks she’ll come out on top eventually. But it was just a few days after that post that she was hit with two more serious charges in court. A judge handed down two felony counts of battery on a law enforcement officer that could carry big penalties for Joseline. Those charges stemmed from her physical altercation and offensive comments made at police after the initial fight.

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Big Lex’s 911 Call Revealed

The story had been pretty quiet until recently. The story returned when audio was released from the 911 call Big Lex made after the fight. It came at an inconvenient time for Lex. The audio released right as she clapped back at Stunna Girl for calling her a rat. In the audio she describes Joseline having “beat her real bad.”

Fans in the comments were divided on what to make of the call. Some tried to call Big Lex a hypocrite that didn’t back up her words. “Hate when people say it’s on sight then call the police when it’s on sight lol,” the top comment on the post reads. Others disagree though. “Imagine being jumped by Men & Women and nobody broke it up and y’all mad because this lady called the police,” another commentor suggests. What do you think of the 911 audio from Big Lex and Joseline Hernandez’s fight? Let us know in the comment section below.

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