After being accused of breaking into his home and stealing his property, Chrisean Rock has been welcomed back into Blueface’s fold. The aspiring rapper’s relationship with Blueface has made for several viral moments, but after he and his manager Wack 100 confirmed that Chrisean was arrested in Oklahoma following a state-crossing joy ride, the public believed the relationship was over. 

However, new images and videos have emerged that show Chrisean back at Blueface’s home. Not only that, but the pair were captured by fans hugged up together as Chrisean held a bouquet of roses. 

Meanwhile, the rapper’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, clapped back at critics who have condemned him for reigniting his romance with Chrisean. He was alleged to have also been with her while the pregnant mother of his son hosted her baby shower. According to Blueface’s mother, her son isn’t doing anything wrong because everyone involved knows how he moves.

She shared a screenshot of an article titled, “Blueface Claims He’s Slept With More Than 1000 Women.”

“How the hell you in a relationship with the hoochie coochie man [angry face emoji],” Saffold wrote. “I’m already praying about it so don’t judge be grateful for the truth. Like I said he ain’t lied or sugarcoated nothing! If you thought you was in a relationship with him, you lied to yourself and playing the victim. I raised my kids to tell the truth or shame the devil. Stop playing with us. Scared folks lie!”

She added:

“A gay mother can support her sons decision to be happy but I can’t support mines. Y’all are twisted. I don’t care what y’all say or think [thinking emoji] because when I was riding and fighting my son about 3somes y’all was mad. Now he in love and y’all mad that I’m happy for him. This has nothing to do with neither woman, because just like a gay man gets to make such a surprising decision so can John. I’m just a mother happy to see her son happy again.”

In a recent post to her Instagram Story, Chrisean wrote “Cap he mine y’all know wassup.” Then, she showed a beaming Blueface who skipped his way away from a helicopter after he and Chrisean took a ride together. Check it out below.