Tommy Fury was supposed to go up against Jake Paul on August 6th in New York City although that has since been canceled. The fight will now be between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr., who has a professional boxing record of 12-1. Needless to say, Paul is in for his toughest fight yet, all while Fury has to wait his turn again.

Of course, Fury isn’t allowed to fight as he wasn’t granted entrance into the United States. It was a pretty wild development, although Paul has repeatedly stated that Fury is simply ducking him and that his problems could be resolved in a timely manner.

Tommy Fury

Jason Miller/Getty Images

Fury has been hearing Paul’s rants, and it’s clear that he wants to set the record straight. While taking to Twitter, Fury dropped a video in which he spoke about why he can’t fight in August. As you can see, Fury isn’t venturing from his original explanation.

“I just want to get one thing straight. The reason this fight could not take place is because I couldn’t get into the country,” Fury said. “Not because I wasn’t training or I wasn’t fit. I was ready and roaring to go. I was in the airport Monday morning with my whole team, ready to fly out and get this show on the road. I could not get in the country and that is why this fight couldn’t happen. All this bull shit about me not being ready, is bullshit, forget about it.”

Fury has expressed interest in fighting Paul in the future, although for now, he will just have to wait it out as Paul has his sights set on a whole plethora of other fighters.